Prewedding Shoot or Not?

Congratulations on your engagement! The wedding day has been finalized and these are your last few days of bachelorhood! A time that will never ever come again in your life. You are obviously preparing for the big day, so many things to take care of, the guests, the location, the couture…and the list never ends! And, then you have in your mind the magical pictures from the prewedding shoots of your friends & family. It looks like a great idea but you are not quiet sure. Let’s give it a moment’s thought..shall we?

A true memoir of your love story from the time unparallel


Weddings are a great way to officialize the meeting of two hearts. But, what about the times when romance actually started to brew ? You sure will have great stories of your love adventures to tell your grandchildren, how about also having pictures and videos, so that they can actually see it for themselves! While wedding day photographs & videos will capture the celebrations of the day for you, a well planned prewedding shoot can capture the youth and beauty of your love, the way you want to say it, for ever. Take time out to discuss your ideas, preference or any other specifics with your photography team. Photographers will value your input more than anything else.

A Perfect romantic & fun experience to have together


May be you have been to places, done a lot of stuff together or met just only a couple of times. Prewedding shoots can be great fun for couples, giving them a chance to romance like nothing else! The pretty dresses, props and locations- this is your day of posing like a celebrity! When not posing, don’t shy in celebrating your love unrestrained and give the photography team a chance to capture you unaware! Trust me, they love clicking you candid.

Your secret weapon for great pictures on the wedding day


While many of you may be naturally good at posing for the camera, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. The wedding day can be hectic and stressful at times, not leaving enough time for couples to think about giving that perfect pose. While candid pictures are all the rage, posed pictures have their place in a wedding. The Prewedding day is a great way to familiarize yourself with the camera and the photographer. A good prewedding session will help you in understanding do’s and dont’s while being clicked. So, if you are already a good poser, it will take your pictures a notch higher. And, for the uninitiated, this will be a great mixer with the camera.

Sharing the love on Social media


If you use social media and a lot of your friends and family are on facebook, Instagram, twitter etc, then it is a great way for you to share your love story with them. They will love seeing pictures and videos of you two in a more casual and romantic setting. Share the love and see it getting multiplied in returns!

Create a unique invite for the guests

prewedding-shoot- with- pets.jpg

You can use your prewedding day pictures and videos to create a unique invite for your guests. A ‘Save the date‘ digital card or video or any other customization that you want will make for a memorable and unique invitation to your guests. Also, if you do your prewedding well advance in time, you can send the invites early on that might help your guests to save on the last minute air-tickets.

Create a slideshow & guestbook for your reception


You can add a touch a freshness by creating a slideshow with prewedding pictures and even video for the reception day. Also, a customized guestbook made with the prewedding pictures is a great idea for treasuring the blessings and good wishes of your friends and family.

While, all these reasons are more than enough to start planning your prewedding, it is impossible to describe the value of the smile on your face many years later looking at these pictures showcased in the walls of your house and reminding you how it all started!

Do share your thougts with us below!


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